Recovery & Recycling Overview

Green doesn't happen overnight; it happens daily...

Dem-Con Recovery & Recycling was established in 1999 as one of the first facilities in the Twin Cities to recycle mixed construction debris.

Over the past decade, processes have improved and currently, the facility has been expanded to nearly 40,000 sq. ft. of covered floor space dedicated to material recovery. This facility was designed to be a comprehensive service center that accepts a wide range of materials. The building handles demolition, construction, and mixed solid waste (household trash). This facility is primarily dedicated to the recovery of construction and demolition debris. A mechanized sorting system was installed in this facility in 2008. Both mechanical and manual separation techniques are used that result in high quality materials being sent to end markets. The new equipment allows for six different materials to be sorted during the process with a maximum of 16 line workers recovering ferrous and nonferrous metals, aggregate, cardboard, wood and ADC. In addition, Dem-Con recycles ceiling tiles and is an Armstrong Certified C&D processor in Minnesota. Nearly 10,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to deliver fuel to the waste to energy market including facilities in Mankato and Redwing. The company continues to explore opportunities and markets for additional recovery opportunities.

The facility incorporates the latest technology and strategies available in the market for recovery of construction materials. Dem-Con is committed to the recovery of at least 50% of all construction material processed, and history has shown that for many months our facility has been in excess of 75%. Monthly recovery numbers are available to all haulers that use our facility for the purpose of meeting LEED Green Building Certification and B3 State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3-MSBG).

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